Parking war fears over double yellow line order in Delph

Furious residents have slammed a decision to ban car parking in front of their homes on Huddersfield Road in Delph.

They claim a designated alternative site off Bakestones Avenue is insufficient to meet current demands, will lead to disputes with residents of the new housing development and doesn’t adhere to original planning consent.

A total of 18 objections were submitted to Oldham Council’s Traffic Regulation Order Panel against yellow lines being placed in front of numbers 11-35 on safety grounds.

Oldham Council claims the measure is necessary due to inconsiderate motorists illegally parking at the junction of Huddersfield Road and Bakestones Avenue, causing potentially dangerous visibility issues for drivers and pedestrians.

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Only one letter of support was submitted to the Panel, who voted in favour of the introduction of yellow lines at its January meeting.

A total of 12 new spaces will be available for displaced vehicle owners on a ‘first come, first served basis’.

Objectors argue that is two less than was originally promised and three of the 12 places have already been designated for specific residents.

They maintain parking spaces also had to be made fully available if 20 or more of the 46 houses on Bakestones were occupied, which residents insist they are.

Sara Orritt told the Independent: “The Council’s plan to remove more of the on-street parking places further pressure on parking facilities that are already stretched beyond their limit thanks to the inadequate parking provision afforded by the building of the Bakestones development.

“This shows a general lack of concern from the Council towards local residents and businesses. who will suffer as a result.

“Eighteen people wrote letters objecting to the further restrictions and detailing how it would affect them personally. Yet the Council has forged ahead without considering any of their needs or answering their concerns.

“I just don’t accept the Council’s safety concerns as their true reason.”

IMG_0189Another resident, who wished to remain unnamed, also disputed there were safety issues.

He said: “The Council insists there have been no injury collisions recorded between the Delph crossroads and the Cricket Club since new speed limits were introduced on Huddersfield Road in 2012.

“They also say there has been significant reduction in the number of injury collisions occurring along Huddersfield Road between The Sound and the boundary with Kirklees.

“If this is the case, why then are they now claiming the parking spaces on Huddersfield Road have to be removed because of safety concerns?”

Saddleworth North Ward Councillor Nikki Kirkham campaigned against the implementation of the double yellow lines.

However, Councillor Garth Harkness said: “My view is that despite the measures put in place with the use of bollards there is a considerable problem with obstructive parking and it therefore seems necessary to impose formal restrictions at the junction.

“The length of the restrictions may not need to be as far as suggested but some restrictions do need to be imposed.”

In support of the new order the Panel report said: “The same number of parking spaces still exist albeit in a different location.

“The new location is also less apparent than the space currently available on Huddersfield Road. So, there is a possibility non-residents will find alternative parking, leaving the new spaces free for residents of Huddersfield Road.

“There is no loss of parking provision and the parking available is removed from the adopted highway creating a safer environment for motorists and pedestrians alike.”

l The Council are now also proposing to include parts of Gatehead Road Gatehead Croft and Gatehead Mews – all opposite from the Old Bell Inn – as no waiting areas at any time.

A Council spokesman said this has been at the request of an unnamed ward member and resident.

Any objection or representations should be sent to OMBC’s Environment Group Solicitor by Monday, March 6.


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