Pets Corner: Besties for life

IF there is one thing the pandemic has made all of us value, even more so than before, it’s the friends and the amazing relationships we have with them.

And this month’s featured pups in our Pets Corner column are the very definition of what it means to be the best of friends: Billy and Betty.

Sweet little Billy is a Collie-Beagle cross and Betty is, of course, a Basset; their owners, Rachel Bird and Penny Sankey, are just as good friends as the pups!

Billy and Betty

Betty is a very friendly girl who is a massive fan of people, especially children. Her biggest passion, though, is food.

Any morsel is fair game and, not surprisingly, her most favourite people that she loves to meet is anyone who works in the food industry, particularly fisherman.

Billy is the more timid of the two and not quite as forward as his bestie, but with encouragement he is happy to get to know you and, if you’re lucky, be your friend for life too!

If there’s one thing I love about this story, it’s that the world needs more people like Rachel and Penny. You see, both Billy and Betty are rescue dogs.

The quartet met about six years ago while on walkies and since then have grown quite close; not even this pandemic has seen them break their stride.

They have met up for socially distanced outings all around Saddleworth since the start of the first lockdown and prior to that enjoyed many a happy holiday together.

And with the light, hopefully, at the end of the tunnel they are looking forward to planning their next big adventure.

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