Plastic factory! For the record Uppermill has new music shop

A NEW business addition to Uppermill High Street is guaranteed to put you in a spin the moment you walk through the door.

Now alongside the cafes, restaurants, pubs and boutiques Saddleworth vinyl collectors have their own place of pilgrimage.

Inner Space Records is the brainchild of Brett Savage and located in a unit above All Wrapped Up at the museum end of the village.Brett recently moved to Greenfield from Stalybridge but has been a visitor to Uppermill for more than 30 years.

“Growing up I thought record shops were really special places to go. I have always said they are like a mix of a library and a church.

“They are somewhere you can go in and soak up the atmosphere When you look online you are doing so for something specific.

“You don’t come across anything by accident generally,” added Brett previously employed at the HMV store in Manchester but more recently as a youth worker for Greater Manchester Coalition of Disabled People.

“But this is something I always wanted to do There has been a good response so far with people saying his is just what a place like his needs.

“There seems to be a vinyl revival at the moment with not much appetite for CD’s so it is about capturing that wave.”

Inner Space primarily sells new releases but there is plenty of scope for customers looking for secondhand discs.

“I try to cover a lot of genres but probably specialise in psychedelic rock. However, I am trying to cover a lot of bases which can be difficult considering how wide music is.

“I don’t want to be too niche so it alienates people, but I want a bit of depth at the same time.“I do buy records as well but I say it with caution,” he smiles. “A lot of people have high expectations of what stuff is worth.

“I am always interested in looking but people have to manage their expectations.”

Inner Space is open Wednesday-Sunday from 1130 am to 5pm- 4 on Sundays. To fall in line with social distancing guidelines only three customers will be allowed in the shop at any one time.

Brett’s own collection numbers several thousand from the 60’s to psychedelic, reggae, soul, punk, post punk and with some experimental stuff far out on the edges thrown in as well.

“At one point I wanted to get an original version of Paranoid by Black Sabbath But I got a reissue and realised it is better than spending £120 on one,” he laughed.

Find Inner Space online at

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