Police reassure public after spate of car jackings in Saddleworth by armed gang

A BRAVE Greenfield woman has recounted the terrifying moment she was confronted by a masked gang wielding a club hammer who attempted to steal her car.

Tesco’s car park in Greenfield

Victoria Myers was one of four victims targeted last month in Saddleworth – but police have reassured locals that their extra patrols on the street have curbed the problem.

Recalling the incident to the Independent, Victoria, who is a partner at a Manchester-based solicitor firm, said: “The incident happened on Tuesday, November 7 at about 8.40pm.

“I had got the train back from work at about 8pm and arrived about 8.25pm into Greenfield.

“I had parked in the park and ride at Tesco. I walked there and got into my car. I drive a new convertible Mercedes, so a fairly decent car.

“It seems that three cars followed me out of the Tesco carpark. I was totally unaware of this at the time. I got to my house in Greenfield and parked right outside.

“As I exited my car I saw fours figures in dark clothing stood at the top of my road. I could also see a car. I thought it was odd.

“Within seconds the gang were running towards me. I ran to my front door which is up three stone steps.

“The gang quickly reached me. They were wearing balaclavas. The leader was right next to me and the others were on the steps behind.

“He showed me a club hammer and held it towards my head. I started screaming quite aggressively into his face.

“I’m a solicitor and I specialise in sexual abuse claims. I have heard so many horrific stories and because of what I have heard my first thought was I was being kidnapped!

“The gang leader asked for my car keys but at the time I didn’t even register this. I just kept screaming and screaming.

“They all then started to run off. I continued to scream until I saw them get onto their cars. At this point some of my neighbours had come out.”

She added: “Thankfully I am rather tough natured and the ordeal didn’t have any real effect on me.

“I had to call 999, wait for the police, give a statement and that is the last thing I want after a hard day at work!

“I work hard for my possessions and it annoys me that people think they can just take what others work their socks off to pay for.”

Two days later, robbers wielding an axe stole a car from a couple in Grotton – the fourth reported incident in as many days.

But the Saddleworth and Lees policing team say they have curbed the problem by putting extra patrols on the streets, which has seen no more incidents reported.

PC Lee Cullen said: “We had four separate incidents and we believed they were linked as the offenders were all similar.

“The vehicle that the offenders arrived in at some of the incidents was also of a similar colour and description.

“The local team deviated their shifts and were fully focused on tracking this criminal group and we were joined by special constable colleagues who have gave us invaluable assistance over a week’s nights deployment.

“Without doubt the deployment was very successful, with no other incidents occurring and no overnight crime recorded, so not only had we suppressed the car robbery threat but crime across the board was flattened out.”

He added: “There was a pursuit on the last morning of the operation which culminated in Coppice at Oldham and following a foot pursuit an Asian male was arrested on suspicion of theft of a vehicle and also for driving a motor vehicle whilst being disqualified. Enquiries are ongoing.”

Any information should be reported to police by ringing 101.


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