Search intensifies to discover Greenfield sick bags culprit

AN investigation is being stepped up to identify the culprit responsible for leaving bags of vomit in Greenfield.

One of the sick bags left on the path

Oldham Council’s Public Protection enforcement team has been alerted to the long-standing issue that has disgusted but also concerned residents.

The Independent first highlighted the problem in our September paper, though littering incidents had occurred previously for several months before.

After our story, the frequency of mainly white bags strewn in the area of Manchester Road and Station Lane dropped considerably.

However, incidents are once again on the increase with six bags found in the space of a few days.

Several members of the community have removed and disposed of the offending bags and their contents but have now escalated their concerns to Oldham Council.

“These bags do need to be moved as a matter of public health, before they attract wild animals or dogs,” one resident told the Independent.

“I was informed that two bags of vomit were located on the driveway down from Manchester Road to the Friezland User Group Equestrian Centre. Apparently, they have been there a few days.

“These are a serious risk to public health. Please can someone try to do something?

“The amount and frequency must imply a health or drinking problem, possibly both.”


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