Police urge Saddleworth to help be their eyes and ears during latest spate of burglaries

POLICE IN Saddleworth have urged the community to help be their eyes and ears across the villages as a spate of burglaries continues.

GMP logoThere have been more than 70 raids since August, with many happening during mornings and up to lunchtime when valuables were stolen and homes ransacked.

Thieves have focussed attacks on properties in Denshaw, Delph, Dobcross, Grasscroft and Greenfield.

In a recent statement, Bash Anwar, relief GMP Inspector for Saddleworth, confirmed armed officers are in the community.

And now, the Saddleworth policing team have released a statement to residents urging them to be on the look-out and report anything anything suspicious.

The statement says: “As you are no doubt aware we are suffering a continued rise in burglaries and there seems to be no let up.

“We have identified a number of criminal teams who are targeting our communities but we need you to be vigilant and report to us if you see something or someone you are not happy with.

“There has definitely been an increase in people reporting individuals who have later been stopped and spoken to by us.

“You are not wasting our time. We need you all to be our eyes and ears across Saddleworth more now than at any other time.

“As your local Policing team we will not rest until we have brought the closure that we know you our community want.

“Please help us by doing the following:

1) keep a pad and a pen next to your window. If you see someone or a vehicle pass slowly by or stop and you are not happy with it make a note and call it in on 101.

Record ethnicity, height characteristics of the person and clothing. If it’s a car record the registration number and call it in on 101.

If you can’t get the registration number then get the colour make if possible and specifics such as wheel rim colour etc. Pop a time and date on it for future reference.

2) The criminals want your small valuable items, jewellery is particularly favoured by them as this can be moved around quickly. Watches, bracelets, chains, cash are all of the things that our criminals want when they enter a house as a trespasser. These are small items that can be carried and turned into cash quickly.

Think where you leave all of your valuables and reassess. Where in your home could you place items that would not be found without a concerted search by a burglar? Criminals want to be in and out of your home within 60/120 seconds. Break in, go straight to the master bedroom first and conduct an untidy search and exit as quickly as possible, searching lower rooms as they go.

They don’t want to make excessive noise, they don’t want to draw attention to themselves and the last thing they want is to confront the home owner who will not only see them and possibly provide descriptions but will also make a call to police to respond.

3) It is proven time and again that criminals walk around trying car doors and house doors. Our burglaries are happening predominantly during the day.  Please keep all doors and windows locked even when you’re in at home and always check your vehicle is locked physically instead of relying on your key fob to do it from inside the house. A high percentage of incidents are down to insecure cars and dwellings.

4) Please place wheelie bins inside the perimeter of your houses. These are a leg up and over for our burglars. If you can’t put them away move them to a position where they won’t compromise your perimeter security.

5) Garden tools left out are mana from heaven for our burglars. Shovels placed under runners of your patio doors will lever the patio off its rails giving access.  Rockery rocks provide missiles for your patio window.  Please reassess your gardens and backyards and remove anything that could be used to break into your address.

6) If you have house alarms they should all be up to date and operational. If you have pets, zone off so that you can still have the alarm on just windows allowing your pet to walk around the house without an activation.

7) Firm up your internal security, mortise locks should always be used on your doors even if you’re in just get into the habit of locking the doors. We have incidents where we have sneak-in burglaries thorough insecure doors with often people not realising until the following day that they have been victims.

“The above lists are not exhaustive there will be many more hints and tips that you our local community can offer and share.

“We want you to be vigilant and prepared while we go through this particularly active period with burglaries.

“Make the criminals move on as it’s not worth their time and effort to have a go at your home.

“Please keep your eyes open and ring in if you need us on 101 for none urgent and 999.

“We will be tirelessly, out on patrol following leads and responding to incidents.”


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