Promise to improve rail services

A TRANSPORT boss said rail services to Manchester from Greenfield in the future will improve with up to two stopping trains an hour.

The revelation was made after the Independent highlighted concerns by rail users groups over future local services with the onset of the new Northern Rail Hub.

Greenfield railway station. Image credit: Road Wizard
Greenfield railway station. Image credit: Road Wizard

Councillor Andrew Fender, chair of the Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) committee, said: “Greenfield station passengers will benefit greatly from increased service in 2018 as part of the Northern Hub.

“This is a seven year project to improve rail capacity and infrastructure in Greater Manchester and the North of England and is worth over £500m.

“As part of this, it is expected two Manchester-bound trains per hour will stop at Greenfield station from 2018 following the electrification of the Huddersfield-Manchester line.

“It has been proposed both trains would terminate at Manchester Piccadilly allowing a much wider range of onward destinations, including  London, Sheffield and the West Midlands, and improved access to the city centre.

“However, this is not set in stone and TfGM will continue to work with the rail industry and local people over the next five years to explore all potential options.”

He added: “This unprecedented level of investment in the rail network is very much welcomed by TfGM and we have been working closely with Network Rail to make sure the project is a success.

“TfGM has carried out substantial survey work on where these two trains could terminate in Manchester – the options being Piccadilly or Manchester Victoria.

“A travel survey has been carried out which shows less than five per cent of passengers travel between the local stations.

“Consequently a skip-stopping service is being considered which will offer a number of benefits, including shorter journey times, for the majority of passengers.”

Euro-MP Chris Davies, who lives in Greenfield, says North West ‘Nimbys’ must not be allowed to delay construction of a new high speed rail line.

The Liberal Democrat says the region gave railways to the world but is now at risk of being relegated to second class transport status.

He said: “The North West is in danger of being left behind. Europe has built 3,000 miles of high speed rail line but only 70 miles from London to the Channel Tunnel are in Britain.

“We need to become part of the 21st century rail revolution, and the sooner the better.”

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