Saddleworth School pupils get creative in the kitchen to make £5 meals

SCRUMPTIOUS THREE-COURSE meals were served up by Saddleworth School pupils – for just £5 and in under an hour.

The Year 11 students took on the challenge as part of the Food and Business Professionals Roadshow at Tameside College for their ‘life skills’ parkin and reece tindall

The four teams got hands on in the training restaurant and kitchens to prepare the three dishes of their choice for four people while sticking to their budget.

Callum Square and his group cooked delicious garlic mushrooms on toast, Shepherd’s Pie and trifle, which they tucked into afterwards.

He said: “It was really interesting but it wasn’t what we expected and was more challenging than we thought it would be, especially doing it in under an hour.”

Olivia Hamm and her team decided to cook garlic bread, spaghetti bolognaise and jam sponge pudding with custard.

She added: “It was good fun but quite difficult under pressure! I enjoyed it and might do a bit more at home now.”

george parkin, Olivia Hamm and Reece TindallThe pupils, some of whom are in the school’s ‘Jamie Oliver’ GCSE class, all worked under the watchful eye of a college chef.

They were also accompanied by teachers Mrs Dempster, Mrs Butler and Miss Sutherland.

Mrs Butler said: “It was great to see what they could come up with in one hour. They hadn’t practised before and all did so well.

“They all stuck to the budget and came up with healthy and nutritious meals.”

Other projects for the pupil’s ‘life skills’ classes have included preparing CVs, practising interviews, and learning about equality at work and social behaviour.

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