Pupils race to success at cross-country event

EDWARD Rankin ran away with a title at the Oldham Schools’ Cross Country Championships.

Kemi Barker left and Edward Rankin

The Saddleworth School pupil won the year seven boys’ race, with team-mate Kemi Carter finishing a close second.

Alice Cunningham was third in the year seven girls’ race while Saddleworth finished second overall in both the boys’ and girls’ events.

Teacher Adele Bentley said: “Well done to all pupils who took part, especially those who were called on to represent the school at the last minute due to other pupils dropping out due to injury or illness.

“There were some fantastic individual performances, especially from year seven pupils, and great team efforts displayed.”


• Year seven girls: Alice Cunningham 3rd, Iris Robinson 5th, Miranda Lowe 11th, Jessica Meek 12th, Grace Leddy 14th, Cerys Shaw 20th. Third place overall.

• Year eight girls: Millie Hampson 16th, Erin Mitchell 17th,Millie Mumford-Lloyd 22nd. Fourth place overall.

• Year nine girls: Elley Pierre 13th, Lucy Viella 14th, Freya Gill 17th. Third place overall.

• Year 10/11 girls: Isabelle Kowcalyzk 5th, Tabitha Davies 9th, Lucy Johnson 16th, Grace Martin 17th, Erin Periera 18th, Lola Gladwin 20th. Third place overall.

Alice Cunningham

• Girls’ teams: Second place overall.

• Year seven boys: Edward Rankin 1st, Kemi Barker 2nd, Daniel Croft 4th, Zico Barker 11th, Finlay Bowden 18th, Cole Mullally 33rd. First place overall.

• Year eight boys: Harley Edge 15th, Jack Gladwin 23rd, Oliver Sowden, Finley Gladwell 26th. Sixth place overall.

• Year nine boys: Sam Taylor 7th, Joe Aston 16th, Fin Killan 19th. Third place overall.

• Year 10/11 boys: Greg Huntington 14th, Euan Dean 19th, Ketan Sloan 21st, Lydan Cakir 26th. Fourth place overall.

• Boys’ teams: Second place overall.

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