Quiz Time with the Diggle and Delph Donkeys

GET YOUR thinking caps on as quiz team The Diggle and Delph Donkeys have once again come up with 20 brainteasers for Saddleworth Independent readers. 

The questions come in two rounds of 10.

How many do you know?

Best of luck!


Can you identify the Band from the cryptic clues?

1.Barbers century

2.In sunlight they are in front or behind you

3.Changed  pictures

4.Correct comment Trueman

5.Unhappy Chelsea

6.GAnswer March 2024orgeous Confederacy

7.Sibling of the Bard

8.In a very bad or difficult situation

9.Smoothes clothes for unmarried girl

10.Slang for pot under bed with runners in front of you


TRIPLE AAA(all answers have three A’s in them)

e.g.(Science fiction film directed by James Cameron) A/  Avatar

1.What was Rodney’s wife’s name in Only Fools and Horses Horses

2.A market in a middle Eastern or Asian country

3.In tennis what comes after deuce

4.A large hairy spider

5.A person in their nineties is called what

6.A yellow elongated fruit

7.What is a four sided figure called

8.Spending money excessively without thought

9.A countries highest ranking diplomat is called what

10.Squid served as food is known as what


To check your answers, click here: answer sheet   


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