Residents want repairs to ‘highway to hell’ in Delph

BONE-JARRED motorists and residents are urging United Utilities to take action to fix the ‘highway to hell’ in Delph.

p9 Waterworks 2Locals have given the nickname to the pot hole scarred road leading to Castleshaw Roman Fort due to its poor state of repair.

Some have even filled in craters on unlit Waterworks Road near Delph themselves rather than risk damage to their vehicles.

The 200 metres stretch from the junction of Huddersfield Road and Delph Road, down to the Castleshaw Centre car park is an unadopted stretch of highway, owned by United Utilities.

Responsibility for maintenance – and settling any potential compensation claims – lies with the company rather than Oldham Council.

However, home owners on Millcroft Lane – a Council adopted road – and visitors to the authority controlled Castleshaw outdoor pursuits and education centre plus Castleshaw Fort, have no choice but to use Waterworks Road.

Now, fed-up residents want United Utilities to take action.

“The pot holes have become increasingly worse over the winter months,” said one home owner who contacted the Independent.

“It has come to something when residents have to take it upon themselves to fill the most dangerous of the holes.

“I would have thought Oldham would have intervened sooner as it puts the visitors to its own Outdoor Education at risk. Some Roman roads are in better state!”

The Indepdendent contacted Oldham Highways Department who confirmed Waterworks Road didn’t fall under their jurisdiction.

A spokesperson for United Utilities said: “The road was fully resurfaced about 10 years or so ago.

“We filled in the potholes about a year ago and we do carry out maintenance from time to time.

“We’ll take a look at the current condition and see what we can do.”


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