Resilient Uppermill café overwhelmed by support after weekend break-in

A POPULAR Uppermill café says it is “overwhelmed” by support as they reopened just a day after being targeted by heartless thieves.

Staff arrived to open up Style&Salvaged and Coffee Shop at Reclamation Room on Lee Street on Saturday, September 16 to find they had been broken into overnight.

They posted on their Facebook page: “Upsetting start to our day today as we’ve been robbed overnight. They’ve taken lots of things, but taking the staffs tips is so low, that they work so hard to get.

“Be vigilant everyone, as apparently they tried the pet shop and have also broken into the Age Concern shop.

“The police have been fantastic and we have already had forensics here.”

But the following day business was back to normal as they welcomed in supportive locals.

They announced: “We are open as usual and are overwhelmed by the kind words and support following our break in. We’ve now got more locks and bolts than B&Q #FortKnox.

“All those materialistic things can be replaced over time, with hard work and determination. Nobody was hurt, and that’s what really matters.

“We are so lucky to have a great team, and such wonderful customers, that make it all worthwhile.”


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