Road repairs in Delph to ‘highway to hell’ leave locals underwhelmed

Makeshift repairs to a Saddleworth road dubbed the ‘highway to hell’ have met with a lukewarm reception from frustrated locals.

Since the Saddleworth Independent highlighted the problem of the pot hole scarred surface of Waterworks Road in Delph in our August edition, action has been taken.

But residents and visitors claim owners United Utilities haven’t gone far enough to complete a full repair.

“I would be embarrassed to claim I have made these improvements,” said a reader who first contacted the paper to highlight the issue.

“There is still plenty of filling that needs to be done.”

The 200 metres unadopted stretch of highway leads from the junction of Huddersfield Road and Delph Road down to the Castleshaw Centre car park and onwards towards Castleshaw Roman Fort.

A spokesperson for United Utilities said: “We inspected the road straight away as soon as you contacted us and temporary repairs were made to the potholes about a week later.

“We’re monitoring the condition of the road.”


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