Saddleworth and Lees Labour Party latest in line to help Syrian refugees

KIND-HEARTED local Labour party members are the latest group in the area to organise a collection of clothing for Syrian refugees.

The Saddleworth and Lees Labour Party Branch decided humanitarian aid is better than airstrikes in Syria so rallied together to collect the donations.

The clothes formed part of a consignment driven to refugees in Hungary and Turkey this month in a Royal Mail van sponsored by the Union of Communication Workers.

In addition, the Branch agreed to donate £125 – part of the proceeds from a recent social event – to the Oldham Unity Project, which is helping asylum seekers in Oldham.

p5 refugee collection
DONATIONS: The clothes were taken by convoy to the refugees

Branch Press Officer, John Brooks, commented: “We believe only a political solution can end the Syrian Civil War and that UK airstrikes would only make the situation worse.

“In the meantime it is vital the victims of conflict are not forgotten. We hope our donation of clothing and cash will go some way towards helping people fleeing the violence of war.”

Party members recently supported a resolution opposing UK involvement in airstrikes over Syria.

And branch members said they feel they could support UK action under United Nations auspices to establish and protect safe zones within Syria to protect civilians.

Meanwhile, other groups in Saddleworth have also collected donations of clothes and shoes, bedding and camping gear for Syrian refugees.

Denshaw Community Association received hundreds of items at their collection last month while the Saddleworth Women’s Institute was also inundated with donations to send to Calais.


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