Saddleworth Captured: looking through your lens

WINTER just does not seem to be shifting. Just when we think it is safe to assume it is behind us, more snow!

Thankfully, there have been enough days where the conditions have allowed people to get out and about, capturing Saddleworth’s stunning scenery on camera.

When it is OK, the clear mornings and evenings – some of them very clear and very bracing – provide perfect backdrops to photos.

Sometimes, you could have been forgiven for thinking people had just put a blue background on but it really has been like that recently.

The Independent asked its readers and social media followers to get out and send in the finest photographs of the area.

And there were so many to choose from, we had difficulty whittling it down to the final nine.

Star image this month goes to Louise Reed who took this stunning landscape photograph of Greenfield after a light snowfall.

STAR PHOTO: Saddleworth Captured – Louise Reed – Greenfield

Mark Shuttleworth spotted and captured a red grouse peering through the long grass while on a walk from Greenfield to Indian’s Head.

Annalie Kerwin caught one of those backdrops we were talking about behind the valley, Alderman’s Hill, Pots and Pans and the war memorial while in a true sign of spring, Diane Romanowska snapped daffodils in bloom.

Mark Whyatt took advantage of the clear conditions to capture this image showing the cairn on Fox Stone at Dove Stone Moss, Oldham in the middle ground and at the very back, Lancashire’s Pendle Hill.

By Alan Keane

Alan Keane used a walk over Alderman’s Hill to Shaw Rocks and Pots and Pans well by catching this image while Leila Maria was not worried after spotting this Bee Happy painted rock with a rather dramatic backdrop at Yeoman Hey Reservoir.

Fittingly for Easter, Gary Fitton took this shot of three crosses that had been put up while Tracy Jenkinson caught some natural beauty in the form of two swans who were definitely not camera shy.

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