Saddleworth Concerts Society goes international

Saddleworth Concerts Society is bringing in an international film director for their latest chamber concert.

Gildas String Quartet

On Wednesday, December 13 at the Millgate Theatre, Delph, Saddleworth Concerts Society’s Gildas String Quartet concert will be filmed by Nyika Jansco.

He is a cameraman/director with an outstanding international record in classical music film production working with the world’s greatest classical artistes.

Roger Hinchcliffe, from the Concerts Society, said: “This is an exciting time for us and also culturally for Saddleworth and the Millgate Arts Centre.

“With the great support of Cllr Keith Lucas, who is a personal friend of Nyika, we are getting a chance to record one of our concerts by a ‘prince of the film world’.

“I asked Keith why would a busy man like Nyika give us such an opportunity and Keith said ‘because I asked him! and throughout my professional life in broadcasting we’ve never had the opportunity to work together. So this will be the first for me as well, and I am as excited as the Saddleworth Concerts Society with being involved in the project’.”

Saddleworth Concerts Society is aiming to use the project to make more people aware of its energetic cultural activities and is hoping to try and reach a wider and younger audience.

Keith has also invited some young students and musicians to shadow the production, believing this is a great opportunity for them to work next to a professional of international standard.

He said: “Roger and I have been talking for six months or so about how we can generate a new audience and awareness for the Society.

“Music is a universal language and it’s about breaking down barriers between classical, jazz, rock, pop, dance and our rightly famous brass band heritage. Good music is good music, no matter its source.

“The Gildas Quartet, who are an exciting group of young musicians, are really behind the aim of reaching a wider and also younger audience. So it’s going to be a fantastic evening.”

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