Saddleworth Discovery Walks: Nocturnal Wanderings

p13 sadd walks Chris Maylor
Chris Maylor

Chris Maylor, who runs a Saddleworth Discovery Walks blog and Facebook page, looks at why not to explore the area by night…

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AS WE enter October and the days grow steadily shorter, many people will be mourning the dying days of summer.

The onset of darkness, which creeps ever earlier each day, signals the end of pleasant evening walks for many.

However, walking and running among the hills at night is a pleasurable experience that opens up a whole new world of adventures.

Instead of locking yourselves behind closed doors and drawn curtains to wait out the long winter nights, why not don warm clothing, pick up a torch and venture out into the ebony wilderness.

You don’t have to venture far or even high to experience the enjoyment of nocturnal wandering.

With the right knowledge, equipment and preparation, venturing into the countryside at night can be a wonderful experience.

Warm clothing, waterproofs, a suitable torch and a map and compass are all important items of equipment to be carried for safety and comfort.

Furthermore, learning to navigate at night is an essential skill, which will make your adventures all the more enjoyable.

So, as the veil of darkness wraps its cold fingers around you, why not grab your torch and venture outside for an evening of nocturnal discovery.

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