Saddleworth residents win big in Dr Kershaw’s lottery draw while helping hospice

By Jasmine Jackson

LUCKY Saddleworth residents are among the winners of cash prizes in Dr Kershaw’s lottery draw, as well as helping raise funds for the local hospice.

In the most recent draw, the first prize winner from Grasscroft received £1,000, while the other local winners from Lees and Grotton got £50 each.

The rest of the money collected from the sale of lottery tickets goes to the Royton-based hospice to help provide different services and care.

But since the start of the pandemic, the weekly lottery draw has lost around 1,000 members, which has made it more difficult to generate the £3.6 million needed per year to keep the hospice running.

Joanne Penketh, Head of Lottery and Donor Stewardship, said: “By playing in our lottery, our community is helping to fund the care of many families across the borough.

“This regular income also plays a crucial part in enabling the hospice to plan and develop our services for the future as we strive to meet the growing needs of our community. “

The minimum spent to take part in the lottery draw is a £4.34 monthly membership, which contributes towards the cost of a patient visiting their day hospice.

A £13 for 13 weeks membership can help fund counselling and support services for patients and their family.

A £26 for 26 weeks membership helps pay for medicine while a £52 for 52 weeks membership contributes to meals, support and specialist care offered to a patient during their stay at the hospice.

There is also the option to choose how long to renew the subscription for and the type of membership preferred.

To take part in their next lottery draw or to find out more on how you can support the hospice visit: or call their lottery team on 0161 624 9213.

Donations can also be made by shopping online via where the local cause you choose will receive a reward at no extra cost.

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