Saddleworth Royal British Legion left upset after wreaths removed from war memorial

SADDLEWORTH’S Royal British Legion was left upset after poppy wreaths were removed from the war memorial in Uppermill.

The war memorial in St Chad’s gardens, Uppermill

The wreaths were laid at the foot of the memorial in St Chad’s gardens in November by the RBL branch as well as local groups and organisations to mark Armistice Day.

But they were taken away on January 24, leaving members wondering where they had gone and urging people to help find them.

However, it was later revealed they were taken by Oldham Council in line with their Wreaths & Tributes – Respectful Removal Agreement.

Paul Byrne, the authority’s Environmental Manager, explained: “Wreaths and poppies placed around war memorials will remain in place for a maximum of 60 days.

“The agreement was published and went live in September 2017.”

The removal of the wreaths left the Saddleworth branch of the RBL confused and upset as they had not realised the agreement was in place.

They posted on Facebook asking: “It’s come to our attention that the wreaths seem to be missing from the cenotaph in Uppermill. Is anyone aware of any reason why they are no longer there?”

And after the explanation, Alison Clowes, branch committee member, said: “This is something new and hasn’t happened in previous years and it looks odd without them there.

“It’s quite upsetting really that they’ve done this, and with no warning!”

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