Saddleworth School makes and donates more than 1,260 visors to key workers

VISORS are being donated to more than 1,260 key workers thanks to the hard work of Saddleworth School.

During lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak, the school team, led by Miss Sarah Danby and Miss Dee Mistry, have made the masks, which are much-needed due to national PPE shortages.

They have been given to Royal Oldham Hospital, Stepping Hill Hospital, Huddersfield Royal Infirmary and Rochdale Infirmary as well as local nursing homes, home care nurses, district nurses, dentists, mortuary staff, ambulance crew, doctors’ surgeries and pharmacists.

Miss Danby, Saddleworth School’s Assistant Curriculum Leader for Creative Studies, explained: “Daily I have had phone-calls, emails and Facebook messages requesting help.

These have come from hospitals and district managers desperate to support their staff as well as people in the community hunting down any PPE along with parents and siblings equally desperate to protect their loved ones and colleagues.

Some requests have come from our colleagues. These have been the hardest to read as they have been so close to home.

“Some of the stories have been harrowing. It has at times had quite an adverse effect mentally when hearing what people are going through to ensure our safety.

“But this in turn has only led to a hardening resolution to support our key workers.

“I am so proud to say we have managed to make and donate over 1,260 visors to various key workers. It’s not anywhere near enough but hopefully now the government will be upping their distributions.

“Everyone in school has rallied round to support when it’s been needed. Thank you – we couldn’t have achieved this without the Saddleworth family!

“A massive thank you goes particularly to Charlotte Bowskill, her sister Lucy, Deborah Dorobat and her son Adrian, Helen Millington and of course Dee Mistry.”

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