Saddleworth School pupils’ aspiratons to help improve education across borough

P1 Saddleworth school head Matthew Milburn
Saddleworth School headteacher Mr Milburn

THE ASPIRATIONS and ambitions of Saddleworth School pupils will form part of research carried out to improve education across the borough.

Pupils at the school were interviewed last month for a new ‘Grow Campaign’ developed by the Oldham Council’s Education And Skills Commission.

Ouzma Anwar carried out the interviews, which included making films to put online, and is part of the team visiting primary and secondary schools throughout April and May.

She said: “We’re looking at what inspires and motivates children at school, as well as in family life, and where they see themselves in the future.

“We’ve had some very interesting responses about their visions and it has been very positive.”

The information will form part of the research collected by the Education And Skills Commission, which is being chaired by former Education Secretary Estelle Morris.

Along with information from headteachers, governors, and the business and cultural sectors, it will feed into a report to be submitted in June 2015.

The report aims to raise school standards across Oldham and will include clear principles and recommendations for action by Oldham Council, the OCLP and others.

Mr Milburn, Saddleworth School headteacher, added: “It is important for the children to have a sense of what they want to achieve and to work hard towards that goal.

“They have to have the motivation to do the hard work to get through the exams and training as there is no gain without the pain.

“We can help them to feel motivated about their work and get them on the right path to achieving it.”


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