Saddleworth School pupils sprint to success in Championships

SADDLEWORTH SCHOOL sprinted off with many honours at the Oldham Schools’ Track & Field Championships.

Saddleworth were crowned overall track winners for the boys and the girls while the girls won overall field events at the Radclyffe venue.

There were some fantastic individual and team performances in the relay, where over 51 medals were won on the track alone.

Outstanding performances go to the  Kershaw twins, Toby and Ben, in which both retained their titles on the track (200m & 800m)and in the field (long jump and triple jump).

“It was great work by all athletes. They are a credit to themselves and the school,” declared sports teacher Adele Bentley.

sadd school athletics2

Field results:

Year 7 boys, 2nd; year 8 boys, 2nd; year 9 boys, 5th; year 10 boys, 2nd.

Year 7 girls, 4th; year 8 girls, 1st; year 9 girls, 4th; year 10 girls, 1st.

Boys overall field, 2nd. Girls overall field, 1st.

Track results:

Year 7 boys, 4th; year 8 boys, 2nd; year 9 boys, 1st; year 10 boys, 1st.

Year 7 girls, 1st; year 8 girls, 2nd; year 9 girls, 2nd and year 10 girls 2nd.

Boys overall track, 1st. Girls overall track, 1st.


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