Saddleworth set to bloom in annual Parish Council competition

GREEN-FINGERED residents are invited to participate in the annual Saddleworth in Bloom event.

Hosted by the area’s Parish Council, the competition aims to showcase its blooming beauty with several categories available to enter.

Judging is set to take place on July 13, which the Independent team is excited to take part in.

Saddleworth In Bloom offers an opportunity for locals to share their horticultural talents and transform their spaces into breathtaking areas of the finest flora.

Whether you are willing to get hands on or are simply passionate about gardening, there is a category to suit everyone’s creativity and style.

The categories for this year’s competition include the highly coveted titles of Best Blooming Garden, Best Blooming Pub and Best Containers (of all sizes).

These will provide a platform for individuals and businesses to showcase their dedication to cultivating vibrant outdoor spaces.

Additionally, the Community Gardens category will highlight the collective efforts of Saddleworth’s green-fingered locals, showcasing the power of community collaboration.

Excitingly, a new award has been introduced this year to recognize the talents of young gardeners.

The Young Gardener category welcomes participants under the age of 16, providing an opportunity for the younger generation to exhibit their skills, creativity and passion for nurturing nature

For those eager to enter this blooming extravaganza, reaching out to Hazel Dutton, the event coordinator, is the first step.

To contact her, simply dial 01457 876665 or send an email to

One Reply to “Saddleworth set to bloom in annual Parish Council competition”

  1. I think that as these competitions have become more, “community,” oriented and commercial elements have become more involved in them that some of the fun and enthusiasm has gone out of them.

    I also think that there seem to be fewer people willing to spend the time and energy required to go round people gardens to judge them, which is why the number of categories seem to be being continually reduced and becoming ever more vague.

    This doesn’t just apply to Saddleworth, (where anyone walking through the villages on foot cannot help but be struck by the hard, work and enthusiasm that many people put into the many lovely and attractive gardens there even when sometimes it’s just hanging baskets.)

    The FCHO garden’s competition across Oldham used to be huge event with a presentation at The Queen Elizabeth Hall, last year it was 3 categories and entry by photograph as though they could scarcely be bothered ?

    The best of them in terms of sheer fun and enjoyment is probably still the Sholver and Moorside flower and Vegetable show, with very modest prizes and loads of categories and some of best flowers, cakes, handicrafts and produce in the borough and above it’s still fun.

    But few gardener do it to win prizes anyway.

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