Saddleworth Travel: The perfect spot for the perfect service

By Peter Mills

Saddleworth Travel sell high-quality holidays to all kinds of travellers. Visit them at St Mary’s Gate in Uppermill or give them a call: 01457 873236. You can also visit their website.

sadd travel Jude Gidney Photography
Peter outside Saddleworth Travel (Picture thanks to Jude Gidney Photography)

WELL IT has been a year since we moved down into the ‘cellar’ and let The Nail Lounge move in to the High Street side of the building.

We have absolutely loved being on St Mary’s Gate, with our picturesque views and a busy little community of neighbours and fellow businesses.

It seems to have been good for business as well as we have had a great year for sales and we have welcomed quite a number of new customers into our new little office.

It seems as though people are seeing us for the first time as they park by the playing fields and amble off on their various errands – mostly to and from the Java Bar!

During the year both Saints café and Mia Abode have expanded their premises and are reporting upturns in trade so we feel as though we are in the trendiest little backwater off the High Street.

We have had to reduce the numbers of brochures we keep on display but have managed to keep at least file copies of all the ones we used to have so rest assured you will always be able to find what you need.

sadd travel Jude Gidney Photography2
Saddleworth Travel at St Mary’s Gate (Picture thanks to Jude Gidney Photography)

We have recently updated our website and have found several new customers making email enquiries who have been very complimentary about the service they have had.

It is nice to do this sort of business as we attract younger customers with busy working lives and it is good to offer the range of service to cater to their needs – but I still feel we do our best work face-to-face.

To move with the times we are now going to be putting special offers and deals on our Facebook page and our Twitter feed so please have a look to get the latest news of our best destinations.


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