Saddleworth’s counter measures to police front desk closures

SADDLEWORTH IS reversing the trend of police front counter closure thanks to local bobby PC Lee Cullen.

police team
Some of the Saddleworth Police team at Uppermill

Greater Manchester Police recently shut 10 front counters across the force’s boundaries due to cost cutting measures and low demand.

But as part of the fight against rising local crime PC Cullen is organising the re-opening of the front counter at Uppermill police station on High Street.

Under his proposal, which has already earned the approval of his bosses, the front desk would be staffed once a week, potentially on Wednesdays.

“We would use a pool of volunteers, accredited people such as ex-police, fire or nurses,” he explained.

“It is dismaying (to see the closures). How can you guys come and speak to us and tell us your issues?

“I have been a cop 25 years – man and boy as a cop. It should be all about front facing to members of the public.”

PC Cullen, who was awarded a long service medal last year, discussed his plan with Oldham’s new divisional commander, Superintendent Danny Inglis.

“He’s a good guy and he holds the area in his heart,” added PC Cullen. “He has lots of new ideas and when I mentioned it to him (opening the front counter) he said ‘great’.”

Ten counters closed at the end of February at: Altrincham, Chadderton, Fred Perry House (Stockport Council), Horwich, Hyde, Leigh, Middleton, Pendleton, Whitefield and Wythenshawe. There are still full-time inquiry desks at Oldham and Ashton.


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