Save Diggle Action Group plans walk to highlight “preposterous” road plans for new school

AN ACTION group is urging people to take to the streets for a ‘walk in’ to highlight the “preposterous” road plans around a new £19.2 million school in Diggle.

Keith Lucas, from Save Diggle Action Group (SDAG), wants adults, children and pets alike to join the walk from Uppermill to the planned entrance of new school off Huddersfield Road.

Saddleworth School sign smallerMr Lucas says the walk, which will start at the King George V playing fields in Uppermill on Saturday, February 20 at 11am, will highlight access problems to the site.

It is being staged just five days before Oldham Council planning committee makes a decision over the new build as debate continues to rage around safety and traffic issues.

Mr Lucas, an independent Saddleworth Parish Councillor, explained: “Our plan is to get as many people as possible to walk from Uppermill to the proposed Diggle school entrance.

“We will be walking safely along footpaths, not on the road. We want to demonstrate how preposterous the road plans are. It is not a demo, it’s public research.

“Bring your children and your pets – the more the merrier for maximum affect. If you can’t follow us on foot follow us by car.

“It is time to make our voice really heard. This could be our last and only chance to get this issue wider coverage.”

He pointed to the recent Saddleworth Parish Council planning committee’s recommendation of approval for the school’s move to Diggle but refusal for the highways plans.

The site of new Saddleworth School
PROPOSED SITE: Off Huddersfield Road in Diggle

“The most appalling road and highways plan devised and thrust to the Saddleworth public as the ‘only alternative’ for the new school just won’t work,” Mr Lucas argued.

“I have yet to meet anyone, for or against the school, believing it’s a workable solution. Even the present school governors have major concerns.”

He added more than 3,000 people have signed SDAG’s petition to rebuild the school in Uppermill and more than 650 have sent objections to Oldham Council ahead of next Thursday’s meeting.

For more information about the walk find SDAG on Facebook or email

Oldham Council’s Planning Committee will meet in the Council Chambers on Thursday, February 25 at 6pm to consider four applications relating to the proposed new school.

Members of the public can attend to observe proceedings and there is no need to book or signal your intention to attend this meeting beforehand.


6 Replies to “Save Diggle Action Group plans walk to highlight “preposterous” road plans for new school”

  1. “Bring your children and your pets – the more the merrier for maximum affect. If you can’t follow us on foot follow us by car.”

    Surely it is illegal to incite drivers to create a rolling road block along a main highway.

    If it isn’t then it should be.

  2. I do not believe it!!
    I am no longer allowed to walk around Saddleworth in fancy dress, raising money for charity, in the Beer Walk using rarely used back roads, but these clowns can walk along the main road from Uppermill to Diggle.

  3. As a born and bred resident of Saddleworth, whose late father was born in Delph, I feel it is a pity we did not demonstrate years ago about the desecration of our quiet and peaceful villages.
    I well remember doing my paper round in the sixties around Diggle, and whilst not knowing every resident personally, knew most of the names of the families living in Diggle.
    Oh how I wish we had formed a Save Diggle action group in the sixties, then we would not have to put up with the “Mouthy Mancs” moaning about spoiling the village as they would not have any houses to live in.

  4. Courtesy of Facebook:

    Keith Lucas
    Former Video editor at London Weekend Television
    Lives in Diggle, Tameside, United Kingdom
    From Carshalton, United Kingdom

    Typical “comer in”, complaining of spoiling village life that he, and many other oinks have already spoilt.

  5. Mr. Lucas should try walking safely along footpaths between Uppermill and Diggle just after school has closed any afternoon Monday to Friday in term time.
    He would find it impossible to walk safely along footpaths past the bottom of the school drive due to the large number of pupils too idle to walk to the bus turning circle or Uppermill Square.
    Do not get me started on the “Yummy Mummies” who clog up the highway dropping off or collecting little Quentin or Sharon with total disregard to yellow lines, waiting restrictions etc.
    Perhaps he should take his video equipment and stand at the bottom of the drive for a few mornings and afternoons and make himself useful or is that wishful thinking?

  6. About 100 at most turned up for this walk … Signs that the campaign to stop our kids having a decent school have tailed off I wonder?

    I for one also noticed that the people matching were predominately not the parents of children from there school either but a mature of age team… Maybe a generational thing, clinging on to the ideology the dilapidated mill once held before it gets pulled down for housing (the alternative to a school is surely housing!)

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