Sceptic Graham’s u-turn on Reiki

A REIKI sceptic has taken a complete u-turn as he is now practicing the art to help others improve their well-being.

Graham did not believe in the technique, which sees practitioners transfer energy through their palms to encourage emotional or physical healing, when he came across it almost a decade ago.

But he was converted after he captured a ‘spirit butterfly orb’ on video during a session with his Reiki Master Marcus Henthorn at Moonstone Mind Body Spirit Shop in Greenfield.

After nine years developing Mikao Usui Reiki and recently becoming a Master, Graham is now launching White Arrow Reiki in Delph.

He said: “Usui Reiki not only improves your well-being and mindfulness but it opens you up to the world of spirit.

“In today’s fast-paced life, step back for a moment to relax your body and mind in peaceful surroundings.

“I was a complete sceptic until I captured the spirit butterfly orb. That was the moment I realised the full power of Reiki and I became intrigued as to where it would lead me.”

As well as Usui Reiki, Graham is holding meditation circles where people can relax, laugh and make new friends.

Sessions start from Monday, October 7 and will be held on Mondays at 1pm-2.30pm and Tuesdays at 7pm-8.30pm. £5 per session. Places are limited so email or phone to book in advance.

For more information and to see the ‘spirit butterfly orb’, visit or contact Graham by email or call 07592 799732.

The entrance to White Arrow Reiki is via Kurios Antique Shop on King Street, Delph. Appointments are available during the day and in the evening.

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