Seventy-one candles shine in Uppermill at vigil for Hiroshima and Nagasaki

SEVENTY-ONE candles shone in Uppermill as a vigil was held to mark Hiroshima Memorial Day.

Around twenty people, including members of the Saddleworth Peace Group, councilllors and locals, gathered outside the Methodist Church for the event, which also marked the 71st anniversary of the bombing of Nagasaki.

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Special guest the Mayor of Oldham Councillor Derek Heffernan, who is the country’s only Mayor of Peace, reflected on the dropping of the atomic bombs.

He said: “It is a part of my history as I was alive when it happened. It is one of the most devastating events the world has ever known.”

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Mayor of Oldham Derek Heffernan and Saddleworth Peace Group member Magda Sachs gave short speeches

And he encouraged the gathering to sign the Declaration of Peace and pass their message on to the next generations.

“That is the best way we will stop these pointless acts happening again,” he continued.

“Nagasaki is often overlooked but it is very important we remember both events and pass them on to our children and their children.”

Then Saddleworth Peace Group member Magda Sachs read a speech by President of the USA Barack Obama about the war, the atomic bombs and their devastating impacts.

The gathering held a minute’s silence and then finally recited the group’s affirmation for peace and life and battle against nuclear power, and to be friends of the earth.

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