St Chad’s Church graveyard fire could have been deliberate

Pictures and video thanks to Stuart Littleford @saddreporter

A FIRE in St Chad’s Church graveyard could have been started deliberately.

A fire crew attended the Gellfield Lane burial ground on Tuesday, June 26 after smoke was seen coming from the quiet location above Uppermill.

The small blaze was quickly extinguished and none of the gravestones or memorials were damaged.

Assistant church warden Tim Edge told the Independent: “One of the other wardens got a call to say there was a fire.

“I was coming down from a walk off Pots and Pans and saw a person who looked like they were trying to light a fire in the graveyard.

“When I got there, it had burnt itself out. The area effected probably only covered about an eighth of the graveyard and there is no apparent damage to any of the stones.

“We were lucky and it was only a minor incident. But it’s worrying someone is wandering around the community looking for an opportunity to set fires alight.”

*Meanwhile, two fire engines, ambulance and police attended a fire at a domestic property in Greenfield on Wednesday, June 27.

“A fire brigade officer confirmed the house, opposite the Farrars Arms on Oldham Road, had been self-evacuated without any injuries.

He described the incident as ‘minor’ as crew attended to the effects of a garden fire that extended into the eaves of the premises.

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  1. The people that started the fire were the people that had been cutting the grass. They had been doing it for a few days prior to the fire, always arriving in a 2 tone fairly new mini. I was sat in the civic cemetery and heard them ask the stone masons that were also there if they had a lighter. Minutes after there was smoke everywhere so I left. I assumed they were the people that reported the fire but your story implies that is not the case. I have not seen these people since.

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