St George’s Park visit inspires youngsters

SADDLEWORTH Strikers made a memorable trip to the Football Association’s headquarters at St George’s Park, Burton-on-Trent, earlier this year.

This unique excursion proved to be a fitting way to mark the club’s fifth birthday, and all coaches, children and parents who attended had a fabulous time.

Set in the rolling Staffordshire hills, St George’s Park offers state-of-the-art facilities which benefit England teams at all age groups, as well as professional football clubs and other sporting groups and individuals.

They were told Wimbledon winner Andy Murray used the hydraulic pool to recover from his hip injuries as he tried to make his way back into the sport.

The families met up at the magnificent Hilton Hotel adjoining the complex, after which they enjoyed a guided tour of the amazing facilities.

The England training room was having some special adaptations for Euro2020, little did they know back then that the tournament would be postponed.

They also learned there is one training pitch that matches the exact size and grass type as Wembley, and other pitches are adapted to reflect the grounds which England are due to play on.

At the end of the tour, the children undertook training sessions and matches run by the FA coaches.

It was a tiring way to end the weekend, but everyone was absolutely buzzing on the way home.

Who knows, they might end up back there one day.

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