Stan’s strange but true

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Stan Bowes

Stan Bowes, from Diggle, has uncovered some interesting and entertaining facts – you just couldn’t make them up.

IT IS a well-known fact that it is impossible to fold a piece of paper more than seven times – And like most well known facts, it isn’t true.

A group of students from St. Mark’s School, in Southborough, Massachusetts, recently set a new record of 13 folds.

This was achieved using a batch of industrial toilet rolls, taped together to a total length of ¾ of a mile (1.2 kms).

However, the seven-fold ‘myth’ probably still holds true for a normal proportion single piece of paper, no matter what its size.

Improve your vocabulary
Adfenestrate: To sneak through a window, whether inwards or outwards

All roads to success are uphill.
Nothing is often a very good thing to say.
One of the best ways to persuade others is by listening to them.
Success comes in cans: failure comes in can’ts.
The curve of a smile can set a lot of things straight.


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