Take a leaf out of Saddleworth Museum’s Book of Days

WHY not get involved in a community art and heritage project to help creatively conserve traditions and celebrations past, present and future?

Saddleworth Museum is inviting communities, individuals and groups to help create a large scrap book preserving local events and celebrations and perhaps uncover some new ones along the way.

The museum’s learning officer Lindsey Milnes will be on hand to discuss the project in more detail at a free drop-in workshop at the art gallery on Saturday, February 9 from 1pm-3pm.

With the community’s help, the book will become a living archive of celebrations and commemorations that are important to you or your local group, no matter how big or small.

Lindsey said: “The museum holds thousands of pieces of ephemera and photographs but how many more exist in people’s cabinets and lofts that tell a fascinating story of important dates and events that have been celebrated in our community?

“From Rushcart festivals, bicycle parades, centenaries and emerging events, they all deserve a place in our Book of Days.

“It’s going to be wonderful bringing all these together in one book like a very exciting diary!

“The Book of Days is an organic project which I hope builds momentum like the Take One Triangle bunting project at the start of our HLF Activity Plan back in 2016.

“That project was a huge success and more than 300 bunting triangles were crafted by community groups and schools and used to adorn the museum at its reopening.

“I thought it would be great to focus on bringing communities together again towards the end of our Heritage Lottery Funded Activity Plan so we can see, share and conserve the vast range and diversity of celebrations, events and customs all in one place.

“Hopefully, through the process, we’ll uncover some rich archive material, copies of photos and memorabilia that people might add and possibly find some more quirky or lesser known celebrations to feature in the scrapbook.”

Drop in to the free workshop to find out how you or your group can get involved, register your interest and gain help with resources and ideas. There will be future workshop dates once the level of support and interest has been confirmed.

For more information please email Lindsey Milnes, learning officer, at learning@saddleworthmuseum.co.uk

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