TALKING TECHNOLOGY: Is your business ready for the unexpected?

60x40by Jennifer Ogden – Marketing Manager at Aspect IT

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IN THE event of a disaster, could your business recover?

It’s not just dramatic newsworthy incidents like fires and floods that can cause disruption; equipment malfunction, human error, hacking, severe weather conditions and transport issues can also prevent the smooth running of your business.

Your data is arguably your most precious resource; it is vital to the survival and continued operation of the business. If your business uses technology to process this data, then you are particularly vulnerable in times of crisis.

The impact of data loss or corruption can be significant, therefore a backup system is essential for ensuring issues do not affect your access to emails, customer files, employee data, reports, tax records and payroll.

Studies have shown disasters can cost companies thousands of pounds a day. Without efficient and reliable systems in place, your business risks having a significant downturn in productivity until the power is restored. Companies have even been known to close permanently due to data loss.

However, you can minimise the impact of these problems with a carefully considered contingency plan. This can be agreed with your dedicated IT Support Company and should include a strategy to ensure all critical information is backed up.

Technology recovery strategies should be developed to anticipate the loss of hardware, connectivity, applications, software and data.

Additionally, moving your database, communications, and other vital systems to the Cloud, or an off-site hosted environment, will protect your data against disaster.

The cloud allows your systems to be accessed from anywhere with an Internet connection so you can stay on top of business in the event of an emergency.

Take action now and do not wait for the worst to happen. If you need help with disaster recovery, contact the experts at Aspect IT. That way, if the worst does occur, you can rest assured that your business can operate as normal.


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