Technology tips: Is it safe to use your smart phone at work?

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Is it safe to use your smart phone at work?

IT’S A common misconception that smartphones are free from security threats. This is peculiar as a smart phone is technically just a mini computer carried around in your pocket, storing a lot of private and sensitive information.

Mobile phones have become an important extension of our personal and professional lives. We sync emails, edit documents, take calls, make transactions and browse the web.

In fact, the functionality has reached such unprecedented levels that security has taken a hit.

And the number of employees using personal phones for business has increased, which means companies are facing a growing combination of security hazards: cyber attacks, malware, viruses, hackings; the list is endless.

Mobile phones are also very easy to lose which means anybody could find and access all your personal data without difficulty!

Security solutions are not as readily available as they are for PCs. So what can you do to ensure your small business has the right security measures in place?

Firstly, security policies in the workplace should be updated to include smart phones. An option would be to set up a number of clear rules that apply to all employees about separating mobile phone usage for business and personal use.

Surprisingly, studies have shown a large proportion of workers are actually encouraged to use their personal devices for work. The very same studies have shown these individuals are not confident the company data stored is secure or that their employer has any security policies in place at all.

Think carefully about the type of smart phone you will use for business. Android phones have been deemed more at risk and 79 per cent of malicious attacks on mobiles in 2012 occurred on devices running Google’s Android operating system.

Secondly, consider using privacy apps such as Red Phone, Mobile Vault, and AppLock. This will make it more difficult for cyber criminals to get hold of your personal information.

Another tip is to regulate which mobile phone devices are allowed to access your network; apply connection policies and regulate which software is allowed on mobile devices.

Also make sure you only use trusted Wi-Fi networks on business phones – this rules out your weekly coffee break at Starbucks!

When disposing of a smart phone, you should destroy the device and ensure any embedded data cannot be retrieved.

Last but not least make sure you back up all your data!


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