The White Hart temporarily closed after confirmed Covid-19 case

THE White Hart at Lydgate is closed temporarily after a confirmed case of Covid-19.

Proprietor Charles Brierley said a staff member has tested positive so the premises will be closed for at least seven days and will not re-open before Tuesday, October 6 at the earliest.

He explained: “I have been advised that on Saturday, September 26, one of our housekeeping team worked and has subsequently been tested positive with Covid-19.

“The individual has only worked this one day in the last eight days and has not worked since.  She had very limited contact with four other employees. No other employees are showing signs of infection.

“However, there seems no alternative other than to close for at least the next seven days for the safety of all our employees and customers.

“I need to take advice on whether or not the tracing undertaken is sufficient to remove the risk of transmission and allow us to re-open after seven days.

“If there is any doubt, then I will not hesitate to close the business for a further seven days.

“During this seven-day period we will deep clean the entire premises.

“I apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.”

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