Thousands turn out to watch the Grenadier Guards march into Saddleworth

WHIT Friday came early as thousands flocked to Uppermill for a free concert by the Band of the Grenadier Guards.

Gabriel, The Little Grenadier waits patiently for the guards to march out

And no one was happier to see the 35-strong band than their biggest fan-three-year-old Gabriel.

As students from Saddleworth and Mossley Hollins  schools joined locals, tourists and curious sightseers along the village High Street, the little guardsman waved his flag in delight as the Grenadiers marched by.

Gabriel even as his own Instagram account ‘Little Grenadier’ and a letter from the Queen via one of the monarch’s ladies-in-waiting.

Many shops and businesses hung out bunting giving the band, which performs around the world as well as  at royal residences, a rousing welcome.

Fears unpredictable Spring weather might dampen the occasion never materialised as bright sunshine enabled the band to deliver a 30-minute open air concert at King George V playing fields.

The Grenadiers spent the afternoon delivering workshops at the Civic Hall to Saddleworth School pupils, including brass, woodwind and percussion.

They are also ending a memorable visit with a sell-out grand finale  concert at the Civic Hall.

Garrath Beckwith, Head of Music at Saddleworth School  who organised the event, said: “The band has tailored  their programme to suit us and the children which is fantastic. It will enhance the students’ musical experiences and learning and is something the community can enjoy as well.”

5 Replies to “Thousands turn out to watch the Grenadier Guards march into Saddleworth”

  1. I am just reading this NOW! All of the potential ways this could have been advertised and I havn’t seen ANYTHING. I’m on Google and Facebook everyday but nothing I live in Slaithwaite and it would have been a nice day out for my wife and I Thoroughly unimpressed by you utter lack of foresite.

    1. I live in Brockholes Huddersfield and have seen this advertised for the last 6 weeks on google, Facebook, Twitter , press etc etc , wonderful day , great concert at night , great feel good factor watching the whole event , to all concerned brilliant job , – your lack of proper , common sense and research really is poor , get over it , brilliant day

    2. Amazing how THOUSANDS managed to know about it and you say it was not advertised. Suggest you give your details to the School so they can drop you a line if they organise any more events. It was well advertised in Saddleworth and Oldham, which is the Area the visit was intended for AND they did a great job for our Community.

    3. Hi Stuart, thanks for your comment. We had this event tagged on our website, weekly newsletter and social media channels in the weeks leading up to it as did other newspaper for the Oldham and Saddleworth area. it was also heavily publicised in facebook community forums. Thanks for getting in touch, Gemma – Saddleworth Independent

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