Veganism isn’t just for January, it is all year long at the Old Bell

WHERE can vegans go to experience fine dining in Saddleworth?

In the case of Iain Blackwood-Hobbs, the Independent’s own vegan champion, not too far from his own kitchen table.

Our head of sales subscribes to the maxim ‘Saturday night’s alright for dining’.

So, with the Old Bell Inn, Delph now offering tasty vegan options, he was through the front door of the Huddersfield Road hostelry faster than it takes to knock up tuna free chickpea salad.

And he reckons many other like-minded restaurant goers will be soon growing fond of the Bell’s new menu.

Iain reports: “Since Veganuary swept the nation in January there has been an increasing rise of plant-based diners across the UK.

“So, Bell owner Phil Whiteman and his team have created a selection of vegan dishes to tantalise taste buds for not only vegans but for veggies and a new wave of ‘flexitarians’.

“Phil’s emphasis has always been to use fresh, locally sourced produce.

“And with the growing trend in healthy eating here to stay, he aims to embrace these changes and use his team’s culinary skills to create a strong and diverse menu to everyone in Saddleworth.

“So, what can diners expect? For starters, how about homemade carrot and red pepper soup in basil oil?

“Our go-to dish would have to be the flavoursome pulled jackfruit taco with guacamole, pickled red onion and coriander.

“From the grill, we enjoyed a seitan “beef” style skewer with charred vegetables to accompany with a sweet and tangy tomato chutney.

“You wouldn’t believe this was a plant-based dish and in my opinion, any avid meat eater would enjoy this high in protein alternative!

“Another of the standout tasters was the sweet potato and green lentil curry, packed with flavour and served with a flatbread.

“For a dessert with a twist, we also sampled the pan-fried black pepper strawberries with a vegan meringue, mint glass and fruit sorbet.

“If you fancy something healthy and something new, give the Old Bell Inn a try and you will be pleasantly surprised with what they have to offer.”

There will be weekly specials and a full vegan menu. See their Facebook page or visit the Old Bell Inn website for further details: or call: 01457 870 130.

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