Time to close the doors at Pause a Second

THE time has come for a popular Uppermill shop to hang up its wellies, gloves, hats, Crocs, FitFlops and more after 25 years on the high street.

Pause A Second shut earlier than expected due to the coronavirus outbreak and lockdown across the UK so they did not have time to say goodbye to their customers.It was an emotional decision for Deborah Bradbury to call it a day for the lifestyle and clothing shop which she ran with the help of her mum Norma.

“We’ve met so many people who have been shopping here for years and have become our friends too,” Deborah said. “It is a big decision to close.

“Thank you to everybody who has supported us. We’ve changed quite quickly over the years but customers have stuck with us.

“We’ve tried new things and altered with the trends – we started selling store seconds then changed to Crocs, wellies, footwear and more.”

Despite shutting up shop, Deborah doesn’t have plans to slow down too much. She was planning a motorbike trip around Europe with her husband but that is now on hold due to the coronavirus outbreak, as is a trip to Italy with Norma.

Norma, 73, also had no intention of settling into a well-earned retirement as she declared: “Someone, give me a job! I’m looking for a new challenge.

“I’ve worked from being 13 and only had a few years off to have my children.

“Deb has worked very hard with the shop. We’ve created lots of happy memories and stories and made friends with lots of the customers so I will miss it.”

Deborah plans to sell excess stock and shop fittings on Facebook and Instagram when lockdown is over. For more details email pasbusiness@googlemail.com

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