Tough crossfit regime gets Saddleworth Rangers in shape for new season

SADDLEWORTH RANGERS are fighting fit for the new season after taking on a tough strength and conditioning fitness regime at CrossFit Saddleworth.

Danny Attersall, who is helping first-team coach Craig Farrimond with the squad’s conditioning, decided to take the team to the Diggle gym after taking up the programme himself 12 months ago.

Split into sessions for backs and forwards, the players have been focusing on exercises to help improve key areas of their game, such as strength, cardio, turning, running and power.

rangers crossfit saddleworth

Danny, who also coaches Rangers’ second team, explained: “I started doing this 12 months ago, along with Ryan Moore, who’s played for Rangers for 20 years.

“I really enjoy it, though it is the hardest pre-season training I have done in my 15 years at Rangers!

“I thought the Rangers’ lads would get a lot out of it too so I asked Danny who owns CrossFit if I could bring them down for some sessions.

“The great thing is Danny can tailor the programme to the players so it will benefit our game.”

“They have really taken to it and I think Danny will soon have a few new members!”

Exercises include Olympic lifting, weight work, kettlebells, running, gymnastics and using proper techniques for lifting and stretching to help avoid injuries.

Danny, who also coaches Rangers’ second team added: “At the end of each session we do ‘work out of the day’ and compete to get our name on the board and the lads love that.

“Danny sets the programme with something different each time and I’m really pleased with how it’s going.”

Danny Allen set up CrossFit Saddleworth strength and conditioning at Lock32 in Diggle 15 months ago and has quickly grown to around 60 male and female members of all ages.

Based at Warth Mill, Diggle, they are open six days a week and aim to offer an inclusive strength and conditioning training programme with a community feeling like no other.

Danny said: “We’ve got members of all abilities, from beginners through to competitors, and people of all ages as our youngest member is 16 and our oldest is 60.

“The beauty is they can do the same session as it can be adapted to their own ability.”

He added: “I’ve enjoyed helping Rangers. CrossFit method can be tailored to help people train for any sport so I’ve put together a programme looking at what they need.

“They are fairly unconditioned as its their pre-season, they are not playing games and have had a bit of a break. So I’ve really pushed them into the ground to get them in shape!”

Find out more about CrossFit Saddleworth on their website: or visit them at Warth Mill, Huddersfield Road, Diggle, OL3 5PJ.

Saddleworth Rangers begin their National Conference League, division two campaign on Saturday, March 4 away at Drighlington before welcoming Oulton Raiders for the first game at the new clubhouse on Saturday, March 11. Both kick off at 2.30pm.


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