Traditions going well in the villages

THREE eye-catching well dressings were on display in Saddleworth villages as locals brought the ancient custom to life.

The custom gives thanks for the supply and purity of the waters and has been around for hundreds of years.

This is the fifth time Saddleworth has produced dressings and this year’s were sited outside in Uppermill, outside Saddleworth Museum and Sacred Heart and St William Church, and a third in Delph.

Delph’s well dressing by Kath Butterworth

The well dressing by the church depicted the Yorkshire Day duck race, held as part of the celebrations in Uppermill in August.

Yorkshire Day organiser Brenda Cockayne designed and made the colourful tableaux which featured Saddleworth Parish Councillors Max Woodvine and Luke Lancaster who organised this year’s duck race.

Just down the high street, the well dressing outside Saddleworth Museum was designed by Christine Barrow.

It featured a historic picture of the Dobcross Loom Works in Diggle, which she fears might be lost due to the building of the new Saddleworth School there.

Uppermill well dressing

These two well dressings in Uppermill received a blessing after Mass on Sunday, September 12 from visiting Priest Monsignor Paul Fisher.

Members of the Catholic congregation joined the designers of the well dressings as their two creations were blessed.

Meanwhile in Delph, the bright well dressing featured famous poet and local Ammon Wrigley against the backdrop of Saddleworth’s hills.

The tableau was created by Kath Butterworth and helpers, and situated near the river for passersby to see, accompanied by a poster with information about Ammon Wrigley and the history of well dressings.

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