Tribute: Joan MacDonald


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Joan MacDonald

FAMOUS 1950s textile designer, lecturer, botanical artist and Saddleworth resident, Joan MacDonald (nee Charnley), passed away on Wednesday 27 July, 2016, aged 88.

Joan was an award-winning artist and a leading member of Saddleworth Festival Arts, Saddleworth Garden Society and the Northern Horticultural Society.

Working under her maiden name, Joan Charnley, she regularly held solo and group art exhibitions across the country.

Her work is held in the Victoria & Albert Museum, public galleries and private collections.

Joan moved to Saddleworth in 1965 when she married Archibald MacDonald, Head of Oldham Art School. She had a keen interest in flora, fauna, natural history and travel.

In her last 20 years Joan travelled extensively across the world, working as an artist in residence to numerous travel companies. Trips included the Galapagos Islands, Norway, Canada, Scotland and India.

Her funeral was at Oldham Crematorium on Friday 12 August.


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