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I WANTED to say a few words about the Uppermill Summer Music Festival which was held in July.

The whole week was a fantastic bonanza of all sorts of classical music presented by outstanding young performers from all parts of the country.

My friend and I were able to attend every event in Uppermill Methodist Church, Sacred Heart Church and Christ Church Friezland and during every event, delicious cake refreshments were available, making each evening a very special social experience.

I was amazed at the range of talents in all the groups and the individuals who have taken part.

It’s also exciting to hear that Uppermill Summer Music Festival will be organised in July next year!

Duncan Glenday has been the Director of the whole programme and with his own wonderful piano playing, he has managed to bring artistes who have wowed us all with their professional and enthusiastic performances.

Mrs Pat Carter, Greenfield (by email)


SADDLEWORTH’S ROLLING hills and rooftops are captured in this terrific picture by Cyril Fogg.

The shot includes the clear outline of the cricket ground.

p8 cyril fogg IMG_UPPERMILL RS2


AS A cyclist, I have wide experience of the poor state of Saddleworth’s roads. The minor roads especially are full of pot holes and poor repairs.

Yet one minor road is always kept in pristine condition – Ladcastle Road, which runs from Dobcross over to a point near Greenfield Station. I wonder why this is?

Maurice Reid, Delph (by email)


JUST TO let you know I did not win the ‘Dance School of the Year 2016’ award (Pg 31, ‘It’s a 10 from us’, Sadd Ind, July) but it was an absolutely fantastic evening with many inspirational fellow dance teachers.

Angela Rippon was exquisite and the whole evening was a joy.

Even though I did not fetch home a trophy I feel like a winner anyway as I am surrounded by wonderful dancers and exercise class participants, both young and older and I feel blessed to have such a fantastic dance school.

Pauline George, Springhead (by email)


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