Uke-can-do-it at the Satellite Centre

UNIQUE group Uke-can-do-it have made a home for their small group of amateur players at the Satellite Centre, Greenfield on Mondays from 10am–12noon.

Ann Hibbert (front right) with some of the Uke-can-do-it members

Their membership is not limited to those with special musical skill but all are welcome, even beginners who have never played the instrument before.

“You don’t even need to be able to read music,” said group organiser Ann Hibbert.

“If you can recognise your ABC then you’re halfway there!”

The group’s patient guide and mentor, Reg Guerin, introduces everyone to a wide range of tunes from ‘folk’ to ‘rock’ and ‘pop’.

New songs to add to the repertoire are suggested by members which Reg then does his best to annotate and revise for the ukulele.

Members also research music via ‘YouTube’, from where you can get practical tips on strumming and fingering, and people will be delighted by how quickly they can progress.

Of course, commitment and regular practice do help, but with just a few practice sessions a week you could soon be strumming like a ‘pro’.

“We can lend you a ‘training’ instrument,” added Ann, “but once you’re hooked you’ll want to have your own uke.

“Remember, George Harrison, Brian May, Eric Clapton and Marilyn Monroe all started with a ukulele!”

While Uke-can-do-it has only been an active group for eighteen months, they’ve already played a number of gigs and even been invited back to two venues.

“Practising for performances works two ways,” said Ann, “it sharpens our minds and helps us to focus!”

Currently, the group is practicing for three Christmas gigs, with their repertoire including: Amazing Grace, Lord of the Dance, Sweet Georgia Brown, Tom Dooley and a Christmas medley.

Uke-can-do-it meets at The Satellite Centre, Greenfield every Monday from 10am-12noon. The cost is £3 per session which includes coffee. For further information call Ann Hibbert: 01457 874423.


2 Replies to “Uke-can-do-it at the Satellite Centre”

  1. Hello Ann

    I have just had a conversation with an old friend of mine who I go out walking with. He say’s he knows someone from the group (not sure who). I have been trying to join a group for a number of weeks now but to no avail, they have either packed up or not responding.

    A little about myself; I taught myself to read music and play keyboard about 30 odd years ago, although since starting out with my ukulele it has taken back seat and I only played for myself anyway, but I did wave my tartan scarf after every song (happy days).
    I have been taking uke lessons now for about 2 month’s, although due to illness this probably amounts to about 6 weeks. Already my wife has accused me of being a UAS. I have 5 uke’s: 1 Soprano, 1 Concert, 2 Electro Acoustic Tenors and a Tenor Resonator. So I was wondering if there is any possibility of me joining your group.
    I live in Whitefield but am mobile and can travel.
    Many Thanks

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