‘Unknown’ Neil Dovestone is subject of new song as identity search intensifies

A GREENFIELD based songwriter has put Saddleworth’s ‘man on the moors’ puzzle to words and music.

p11 Sven Morris-Ballad of Neil Dovestone

Sven Morris says his song entitled ‘Unknown’ has a wider message than re-telling the case of ‘Neil Dovestone’ whose identify remains a mystery nearly 10 months after the pensioner’s body was discovered on Chew Track.

But he hopes the ultimate outcome can be the identification of a man whose story has baffled detectives and fascinated millions since originally becoming headline news last December.

And thanks to Sven, readers of the Saddleworth Independent can exclusively listen to ‘Unknown’ by clicking below:


“Saddleworth’s moorland is a beautiful place but it can be so bleak,” says Sven whose parents are remembered at the Life for a Life Forest at Dovestone Reservoir.

“I just tried to imagine what this man felt like going up there and wondering why he chose this spot. It is so random.

“The words and music plus the police sketch of him might evoke something that might make a connection with someone.

“However, in a broader sense what I was drawn to was the aspect of this old guy with no digital footprint. It conjures up issues of loneliness and isolation.

“In this modern era we take it for granted we will be found. But maybe he didn’t want to be found and he came all this way to get away from everything.

“The song is a cry of help about people who go missing or who are unknown. It could be your next door neighbour.

“So, in a general sense it was about these types of issues but in particular the song tells the story of what we know so far.”

Sven, a footwear designer by trade, wrote ‘Unknown’ a couple of months ago and recorded the track at a studio in Whitworth.

“It is just a demo at the moment and not with a live band. But eventually that’s what I would like to do with it,” he said.

“However, it is not about self promotion. I wanted to keep the story alive but convey an important message along the way… an anthem for the missing? Music is a great way of doing that.”


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  1. I’m a saddleworth/mossley based recording engineer and producer, and am very keen to be involved in this project at any level at all.
    I know a lot of musicians in the area who would be very keen also.
    If I can be of any use at all, please get in touch

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