Uppermill Community Association seeks signage to help protect local wildlife

WHY DIDN’T the duck cross the road in Uppermill? To avoid ending up as a pile of feathers!

The village’s web footed friends are being driven quackers over increased traffic in Saddleworth’s tourist hot spot.

So much so that leaving their Willow Bank pond sanctuary on Church Road for a customary waddle round nearby streets is proving a matter of life and death.

Now, the mallards, moorhens and emden geese want similar protection afforded to friends and relatives at Diggle Duck Pond on Ward Lane.

So, they have enlisted human help to prevent an unwanted decline in numbers.

Members of Uppermill Community Association have asked Oldham Council to erect a ‘Slow, ducks crossing’ sign to warn speeding motorists of the birds’ presence.

“Diggle have one already so OMBC are going to look into the possibility of Uppermill having one too,” said Uppermill community campaigner, Nick Watts.

It’s not known if the Council will issue a bill for any future signage.


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