Vandalism strikes election campaign sign in Saddleworth

AS THE clock ticks down towards the general election, one Saddleworth voter has made their feelings clear by vandalising a campaign sign.

For a banner promoting Conservative candidate Tom Fish has been defaced with spray-painted words ‘no Tories.’

The sign – placed near Greenfield Railway Station, on Oldham Road – has become a focal point of debate just one day before voters head to the polls on Thursday, July 4.

The election sign on Oldham Road in Saddleworth

And seeing it targeted has sparked an angry response from the man standing in the Oldham East and Saddleworth constituency.

Mr Fish said: “Despite us running a positive campaign for positive change, unfortunately on the final few days, some on the left have chosen to try and use intimidation tactics rather than to respect the democratic process.”

The defaced sign incident occurred as eight candidates wrap up their campaigning ahead of the election.

Also standing are Debbie Abrahams from Labour, Sam Al-Hamdani representing the Liberal Democrats, Jacob Barden of Reform UK, Fesl Reza-Khan representing the Green Party and Shanaz Saddique from the Workers Party of Britain.

Nick Buckley and Paul ‘Boots’ Errock will also feature on the ballot paper as independent candidates.

5 Replies to “Vandalism strikes election campaign sign in Saddleworth”

  1. Why does Mr Fish believe its “someone on the left”? Maybe the Lib Dems, the Greens and the Independents hate the Tories just as much?!!!

    1. Since there are only about half a dozen of his signs, (as far as I can tell walking around on Sunday,) in Saddleworth,) it must sting like hell.

      I don’t even think he’s really Tory as I understand the term, just another political chancer desperate to get a seat at the trough.

      Good Luck with that.

    2. I think they are on the left but yes it is a big assumption to make. Could have been anyone with grudge to bear or anyone from an opposition party. Who knows?

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