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A SADDLEWORTH councillor praised Oldham Council’s gritting teams who worked throughout a snow-hit weekend in January to ensure moorland roads stayed open.

In a note to the Council’s highways boss Craig Dale, Cllr John McCann said: “On way back from Strinesdale I noted how well main roads were gritted.

“And there no problems on side roads such as Platting Lane and earlier Den Lane. The lads have done great.”


A BLANKET of snow covered Saddleworth’s hills for a short time last month – and was captured by keen photographer Cyril Fogg.

His picture shows Heights Church above Delph, and the rugged moorland beyond leading to the Pennine Way.



SADDLEWORTH PARISH council have agreed to remove Mike Buckley from all the committees and chairing any committees.

I was shocked to hear independent Parish Councillor Lesley Brown voted against the proposals to censure the disgraced councillor.

It was bad enough that she and her independent colleagues campaigned to get Buckley elected in May knowing he was charged with child sex offences.

Lesley Brown still chooses even now to support the disgraced councillor and should be ashamed of herself.

A disappointed resident from Delph (by email)

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I WISH to convey my concerns regarding three reports in your January 2016 issue, with the common factor of Parish Councillor Mike Buckley.

Firstly, in the article about Cllr Buckley refusing to resign after his Crown Court sentence, Judge Foster’s summing up comment emphasised the public’s feelings – “it was a public fall from grace”.

I am astonished Buckley does not understand what that means – “he is disgraced”.  However, he fails to accept his criminal conviction is distasteful to the vast majority of the public and illustrates a clear lack of judgement on his part.

Disgraced Buckley did not wish to comment on the sentence, other than emphasising that individuals’ views on whether he should stand down are just that – their views.  I wonder what his attitude, and that of Judge Foster for that matter, would have been had the images been of little girls rather than little boys.

If Buckley is so confident voters are agreeable to him remaining as a public servant then why does he not resign, thus forcing a by-election, and then stand again as a candidate and let the public express their view.

Would a teacher, a nurse or a church warden be allowed to keep their job?  If he was a local shopkeeper would he still expect the populace to give him their custom?

I now raise the question of the proposed new primary school in Shaw Street, Greenfield.

Buckley says the school is of historical and architectural importance, although it has never been considered by any authority, including English Heritage, to be worthy of graded building status.

I would like to know if it is also his view that the pupils should be taught in an environment inferior to those who attend St. Mary’s.

If he is so concerned about retaining the traditional appearance and character of the village, should he not be applying his efforts to campaign instead for the building of traditional stone-built terraced starter homes so young people can afford to remain as part of the community.

Further, I do not remember any objection from Buckley to the official vandalism of Wellington Mill – a fine example of historic and architectural importance – that was demolished and replaced by a TESCO store.

Which leads me onto the third point about a new Saddleworth School. Buckley’s opposition to the building of a new school in Diggle is well known.

I accept the Clock Tower is a Grade II listed building and most definitely wish to see it remain– but surely Buckley must appreciate, or is he naive enough to believe otherwise, that the owners of the WH Shaw pallet site will eventually sell the land for housing; houses, I might add, which are unlikely to retain the traditional appearance and character of the village.

 Dr RS Scott, Greenfield (by email)


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