Villagers wage war against traffic issues in Denshaw

DENSHAW VILLAGERS are waging war on speeding traffic with the help of a Saddleworth MP.

Residents are trying to address numerous problems including excessive speeds, an unsafe crossroads layout where five ‘A’ roads meet and huge delays there when the M62 is closed.

They are also concerned about vehicle weight restrictions on Delph Road being ignored and missing road safety measures outside Denshaw School.

But they are now taking positive steps forward after meeting Debbie Abrahams, MP for Oldham East and Saddleworth, to run a campaign.

Cllr Alan Roughley 2
CAMPAIGNING: Alan Roughley

Mrs Abrahams offered her support and urged villagers to organise a petition and the school to prepare a traffic plan.

Alan Roughley, chair of the village Community Association, said: “We need to build support to make things happen.

“The MP was sympathetic and willing to help bring together the four public bodies who between them have the responsibility of solving these problems.

“Money to pay for capital improvements is not freely available at the present time but we are hoping to make progress by means of this joint approach.

“Mrs Abrahams also suggested we have a petition, which we agreed to attempt, so a volunteer will be asking for your support in the near future.

“We are also proposing to have an online survey so the many drivers who pass through the crossroads every day can support us.”

A presentation has also been made to the Saddleworth Parish Council’s Traffic and Transport Committee as part of the village’s efforts to create change.

Mr Roughley claimed: “It is actually more dangerous to cross the road in Denshaw and more likely you could be knocked down than it is in Oldham.

“Four years ago, Oldham Council commissioned a study of the A672 and A640 roads and a comprehensive upgrading of the signage on both these roads was carried out.

“Speed restrictions are also in place – but these measures have proved completely ineffective. There have been several road deaths in and around the village since that time.”

After meeting residents, Mrs Abrahams said: “It was a productive meeting and I’d like to thank everyone for coming along.

“I agreed to convene a meeting with Greater Manchester Combined Authority, Highways England, Greater Manchester Police and Oldham MBC to see what action can be taken.

“The group also said they’d start a petition and develop a traffic plan for the school and I said I’d send them an example to help them start the process.”

For more information or to get involved with the campaign, please contact Alan Roughley: 01457 870074.


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