Villages blooming bright thanks to new gardening group

SPRINGHEAD, Lees and Grotton are flourishing and blooming bright thanks to the work of the newly formed LSG Community Gardening Group.

The group’s volunteers have been busy at Springlees Court planting up flowers and at Old Mill House, planting roses along the fence.

They also painted up an arch way for Old Mill House and plan to do their benches.

LSG Community Gardening Group

The Village Tearoom’s planter has also been tidied and planted up with new flowers and they have been maintaining their other planters in Lees.

The group is extremely grateful to local councillor Mark Kenyon who has donated £600 of his council budget to help with their many more ideas for planting throughout the villages, so keep your eyes open for new flower displays.

They are currently only a small group of eight and they are looking for more volunteers so they can continue to brighten up the villages. If you would like to help in any way, please call 07525 333638.

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