Wall’s not well! Concern over appearance of concrete structure

A Concrete structure erected on a new housing estate in Greenfield has been dubbed ‘the Berlin Wall’ by concerned villagers.

They contacted the Independent when the substantial barrier appeared on the banks of the River Tame in Greenfield.

A report to Oldham Council’s planning committee on April 19, 2017 stated: “the frontage with the River Tame will largely be marked by soft landscaping.

And developers Wiggett Construction Limited have moved to allay fears the wall will remain an eyesore.

They have also confirmed recent work is a retaining wall rather flood defences which had been suggested for the second phase of the Heron’s Reach development on the former Knoll Mill site.

When completed, the area will house two apartment blocks plus a mix of two, three and terraced dwellings.

A concerned local said: “There is a new Berlin Wall emerging in Greenfield.

“I initially thought they had put a stone wall in front of it. But it doesn’t now look like it.

“Maybe they will front it with stone. But where they have connected it with the existing stone wall at the bridge end, it’s flush with the front of the concrete which makes me think they’re just going to leave it. It’s horrendous.

“Stand on that bridge for a few minutes and you’ll get loads of horrified quotes I’m sure.”

A Wiggett spokesperson said: “The wall replaces previous structures that were in poor condition and at risk of collapse into the river.

‘The proposals have the approval of the Environment Agency and the OMBC planning authority.

‘In accordance with local authority planning approval, in front of the wall we are installing rock roll and coir logs and will be backfilling with earth and planting marginal vegetation, which over time should grow to screen much of the wall.”

The development also runs alongside the Huddersfield Narrow Canal. The 2017 report stated: “The canal side frontage will be largely marked by a natural stone wall measuring 1.5 metres in height.

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